A public bath that relaxes fatigue

Separate public baths for men and women

With a big bath, let your legs stretch and relax relaxed moments ...
Please enjoy the relaxing hot spring feeling with a large bathtub and spacious space.

  • From 15: 00 to check out
  • There is a public bath for men and a public bath for women

[Dressing room]


[Large public bath for women]

Laundry room

At Hotel Wakamatsu, we have a washing machine and a dryer so that people with long-term business trips can enjoy the inconvenience.

The washing machine / dryer here can be used for free for 24 hours.
Detergents are also available so please feel free to tell us.

  • 24 hours available
  • Free use
  • Detergent is also available

Other service


[Vending machine corner]

[Ticket vending machine]